Day 1 Update: The Short Version

So Day 1 of the Australian Open went mostly as expected. It was a day of domination on Rod Laver. Maria Sharapova was first up, winning quite easily over Tamarine Tanasugarn and looking in good form. While she had an easy time of it yesterday, I still have my doubts about her abilities against better […]

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So Close, Yet So Very Very Far

Good evening everyone. I apologize for my lack of posting recently. I have finally arrived in St. Louis after 17 hours on the road. I spent a couple of hours yesterday desperately seeking a way to spend the night in Cincinnati and thus give myself the opportunity of visiting the Masters tournament that is currently […]

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A Weekend of Tweets

I know a lot of people still don’t like to use twitter. I was very reluctant to join, but it’s become an excellent source of information about tennis players. I’ve got some followers now, but not nearly as many as read A Change of Ends. I think some of my observations from this weekend are […]

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So Canada and America Are Actually Different?

Ok, so I think I’ve officially started this post 10 times in my attempt to be witty; however, the exhaustion has set in and I’m pretty sure that my attempts at humor have only been funny to me. I think I’ll just keep it simple and give you guys a general recap of my weekend. […]

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Rained Out

Hi everyone. I’m exhausted from my trip back from Toronto, so I haven’t had time to come up with some interesting posts yet; however, I wanted to leave you guys with something good, so I put up my photos from this weekend. I’m sorry I couldn’t get more, but all the early practices were rained […]

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What Ever Happened to Consistency?

For years now, I’ve been able to comfortably sit down to watch a match between any top 5 player and a player out of the top 5 with little belief that an upset was possible. However, recently the game has changed. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have been the dominant figures in tennis for at […]

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