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So Close, Yet So Very Very Far

Good evening everyone. I apologize for my lack of posting recently. I have finally arrived in St. Louis after 17 hours on the road. I spent a couple of hours yesterday desperately seeking a way to spend the night in Cincinnati and thus give myself the opportunity of visiting the Masters tournament that is currently […]

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A Weekend of Tweets

I know a lot of people still don’t like to use twitter. I was very reluctant to join, but it’s become an excellent source of information about tennis players. I’ve got some followers now, but not nearly as many as read A Change of Ends. I think some of my observations from this weekend are […]

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So Canada and America Are Actually Different?

Ok, so I think I’ve officially started this post 10 times in my attempt to be witty; however, the exhaustion has set in and I’m pretty sure that my attempts at humor have only been funny to me. I think I’ll just keep it simple and give you guys a general recap of my weekend. […]

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Rained Out

Hi everyone. I’m exhausted from my trip back from Toronto, so I haven’t had time to come up with some interesting posts yet; however, I wanted to leave you guys with something good, so I put up my photos from this weekend. I’m sorry I couldn’t get more, but all the early practices were rained […]

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What Ever Happened to Consistency?

For years now, I’ve been able to comfortably sit down to watch a match between any top 5 player and a player out of the top 5 with little belief that an upset was possible. However, recently the game has changed. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have been the dominant figures in tennis for at […]

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