Friday Funnies – US Open Edition

Written By: achangeofends - Sep• 10•11

Alright, I know I kind of retired Friday Funnies (and it’s technically not even Friday in my timezone anymore), but there’s been a lot of great videos coming out of the US Open over the last two weeks and I wanted to collect them all in one play for your enjoyment. Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably already seen a few of these, but they’re all worth a second viewing.

You can always count on Andy Roddick to the highlight reels and he’s been pretty stellar this week. He had a bit of a mishap on the changeover while taking on Julien Benneteau in the third round. Julien was a good sport about it, considering he was already down 6-1 6-4 2-3 to Roddick.

Andy followed up this honest mistake later later in the week with something more familiar, an angry rant. We’re used to seeing Andy yell at umpires, linesmen, and himself, but have we ever seen him take on the tournament director? Poor David has no idea what to make of this. (For the record,  I agree that it was silly to bring them back out when the court was still wet)

If you didn’t hear about Grigor and Gael’s near kiss, you obviously haven’t been paying attention, but I’m happy to catch you up. I’m not sure what Gael was thinking. When Grigor tries to kiss you, you just go with it. This home made video even slows down the action so you can watching Gael’s escape.

Jurgen Melzer and Philipp Petzschner have played their way into the men’s doubles final. I can’t say that these two buddies are intentionally funny, actually the video is more awkward than anything else, but Philipp’s answer to who would play Jurgen in a movie is pretty priceless.

Andy Murray smiles? Guys, I’m a little scared. Also, is it me or did talking to the British reporter make his Scottish accent thicker?

Sometimes the funniest things about the US Open are the things you hear around the grounds. This video captures a little bit of the fan experience. If you think a guy’s the hottest player out there, at least learn how to pronounce his name. Also, how did so many fans say they liked Rafa’s hair? Enjoy it while it lasts guys.

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