Fashion Update – Nike for the US Open

Written By: achangeofends - Sep• 01•11

I guess I’m a little late to the party, but I previewed the Adidas outfits so I think it’s only fair that I take a crack at the Nike team. On the whole, I have to give the edge to Nike.

Photo via Nike

None  of their players look like clowns that might give small children nightmares and none of their outfits can be seen from space. However, no one’s perfect and I have some serious qualms with Maria Sharapova’s day dress.

Since I already mentioned it, I’ll kick things off with Maria Sharapova. Honestly, you would have to try really hard to make Maria look bad. It may actually be impossible. So, while her day dress may not be the best outfit in the world, she somehow still makes it work, barely. The light grey color isn’t really flattering on anyone. It’s just a bit drab. It’s actually similar to the color of her Australian Open dress, but at least that had the peach accent to kick things up a bit. This dress has hints of red piping, but overall it’s a grey mess.

The night dress is significantly better. In fact, I think it’s my favorite outfit of the Open. If there were ever a place in tennis to wear a little black dress, the night session on Arthur Ashe Stadium would be it. Maria’s dress isn’t quite black, but it kind of fits the bill. It’s a dark grey with subtle neon yellow detailing on the back and fits Maria perfectly.

The neon yellow and dark grey carried over into a few other player’s outfits. I’m pretty enamored with the ‘Sabine Lisicki’ collection (not only because there’s a Sabine Lisicki collection – but yay Sabine.) I watched Lucie Safarova take on Magdalena Rybarikova in her dark grey skirt and white top with the yellow detail and it looked fabulous. Granted, Lucie is gorgeous, but so was the kit.

I have mixed feelings about the Serena Williams dress. So far we’ve seen it in blue and we’ve got photos of the red version. I can’t say I’m a fan of either color. The red is too pink and I feel like the blue should be deeper. The fit of the dress is much debated, but I think Serena pulls it off. Although it definitely draws attention to her famous backside.

Photo via Nike

Nike went pretty conservative with the men this year. Both Rafa and Roger are sporting looks that I doubt anyone could find objectionable. Whatever these two wear tends to fly off the shelf, so in the grand scheme of things, this is good news. Normal people will not look silly in these outfits. As is usual in my world, I like both night outfits better than the day. Roger is sporting an all grey number that will surely look fantastic and Rafa’s got a grey and gold thing going on. If only all matches were played at night…That being said, the day outfits are perfectly average.

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