Braving the Storm

Written By: achangeofends - Aug• 27•11

We may not have seen the effects of hurricane Irene yet, but some tennis players are more than prepared to brave the storm. Just like the rest of New York, players ventured out to local convenience stores and super markets to buy supplies for hurricane survival kits. Here’s what players are stocking up on.

@andreapetkovic jokes about hurricane preparedness by posting a photo of the hotel bar

I’m with Petko, what could be better than a fully stocked bar to ride out a hurricane?

Stuck inside for the next day and a half waiting out my first hurricane! Have chips, crackers, cheese, Coke, bread, and beer..all set 😉
Vania King

@MardyFish claimed wife, Stacey, was behind their preparations

I bet Mardy will appreciate his wife’s purchases if they’re stuck in their hotel room. I know that Peanut Butter & Co. stuff is delicious.

Driving around Manhattan..looking for food for the next 2 days..Irene is not even here and its already being a pain in the neck!
Sania Mirza-Malik

@laurarobson5 doesn't need anything else after receiving this Magnolia gift basket

Laura Robson qualified for the main draw and someone sent her this lovely gift basket. Considering my own hurricane survival kit consists of double stuffed oreos, I think Laura’s set to withstand Irene’s fury.

@andy_murray's friend/coach @danielvallverdu posted this photo of his hurricane survival kit

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