Strong is Beautiful

Written By: achangeofends - May• 17•11

As tennis fans, we all know our sport is under appreciated. On Sunday morning, while I was sitting at brunch, the restaurant was showing ESPN. This was during the incredible final match in Rome between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. You may be wondering what famed sporting event would be more important to ESPN than the final of a Masters 1000 event contested by the two best players in the world. The answer: lacrosse, college lacrosse.

So, if men’s tennis is the ugly stepchild of the sports world, what does that make women’s tennis? An astonishing amount of tennis fans will happily admit that they do not enjoy women’s tennis. Clearly, the WTA needs to attract some new fans if they want to keep getting sponsors for their events. This week, the WTA took a step in the right direction, unveiling their new advertising campaign, “Strong is Beautiful.” I’ve heard nearly unanimous praise from tennis fans about the ads, which is almost unheard of because tennis fans never agree on anything. The advertisements feature thirty-eight different WTA players, including famous stars like Caroline Wozniacki, Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters, and Ana Ivanovic, as well as up and coming players like Rebecca Marino and Heather Watson. I love the fact that they used such a wide variety of players. They didn’t just choose the stars that any ad agency would suggest. Sure, it’s a no brainer to include beauties like Ana and Caroline, or super stars like Serena and Kim, but they weren’t afraid to use less conventional beauties as well. The photography is absolutely stunning. Each woman looks great, and some look downright spectacular. Petra Kvitova and Alisa Kleybanova show off some serious glamor in their photo shoots. With the variety of players in this campaign, almost everyone will find one of their favorites, or perhaps even find a new favorite.

The videos ads are great as well. Each one tells a story and they’re all pretty touching. I absolutely love that the WTA has the players speak in their native languages. They sound so much freer than they would speaking English, and the accompanying music makes every video sound dramatic.

Li Na talks about almost single handedly carrying the hopes of a nation of over 1 billion people.

Ana Ivanovic spent her childhood learning tennis amidst near constant bombings in war-torn Serbia.

Serena Williams is overwhelmingly confident as usual, but it’s endearing, and particularly poignant considering she hasn’t played in nearly a year. Plus, I really like this explanation for having so many outfits.

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