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Written By: achangeofends - Apr• 01•11

Spanish language television may very well be one of my favorite things ever. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Sábado Gigante, you know what I’m talking about. Spanish speakers have taken variety shows to a whole new level. I was unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is El Hormiguero until I ran across some YouTube clips last night. This Spanish show, which translates to “The Anthill,” is hosted by Pablo Motos and includes ridiculous made up games, weird science tricks, cooking, and puppets, all while filming in front of a live studio audience which often gets in on the action. I’ve provided two of the approximately twenty clips I watched (while I was supposed to be packing for my trip to the Family Circle Cup). They are both from the episode featuring Fernando Verdasco as the guest. Unlike most American talk shows, where the guest appears for maybe ten minutes, Fernando spent well over a half hour participating in all the activities. I realize the majority of my readers are English speaking, so I promise you these clips are pretty funny regardless of what language you speak. Honestly, it might be funnier if you can’t understand it. Making up your own dialogue always makes things more fun.

It’s like everything you could ever want in a TV show all wrapped up into one hour. There’s the underwear kicking competition, sticking pencils through ziploc bags full of water without spilling, a nifty science lesson, and frozen vodka/watermelon treats. How could this be bad? Also, the cooking lady is totally in love with Fernando, but I can’t say I blame her. If you enjoyed these clips, El Hormiguero has also featured players like David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Tommy Robredo, and Novak Djokovic.

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