Your Pain Is My Pain, Tommy

Written By: achangeofends - Mar• 19•11

Wednesday’s 4th round match between Sam Querrey and Tommy Robredo seemed like a forgone conclusion when Tommy raced to a 6-1 lead in the first set, but then disaster struck. A couple of games into the second set, Robredo injured himself and had to call the trainer. Tommy managed to pull out a win despite his limping, but was forced to withdraw from the tournament before his quarterfinal match against Juan Martin del Potro. He will also miss the Miami tournament next week.

I watched this match from the press box and luckily the only other people out there were a couple of Spanish journalists, because I was doing some serious fretting. On every changeover, I would hold my breath, expecting Robredo to walk over and shake Sam’s hand. To be perfectly honest, Sam didn’t deserve to win this match, even if Tommy did have to forfeit his next one. We saw how well Marion Bartoli capitalized on the gift Kim Clijsters gave her this week by withdrawing. Somehow, I think Sam’s match against del Potro would’ve been little better than a walkover.

In terms of actual injury news, Tommy said in his press conference that he had an MRI on Wednesday night and it appears to be a muscle strain in two places in his leg. The tournament doctors advised him not to play and he waited to hear the same from his doctors back in Spain before officially withdrawing. In other disappointing news, only three people showed up for his press conference. Hopefully, he will be able to recover in time for a decent clay season.

Here is the story through photos.

What Happened? Tommy takes the first set 6-1, because he is playing awesome tennis, and also because Sam looks like this when he waits to return serve.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Tommy totally deserves this. Why is Sammy so uninterested?

What Happened: Up a set, Tommy calls the trainer. It was unclear exactly when he injured himself.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Uh oh. He’s hurt.

What Happened: The trainer tried to stretch him out on court.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: It’s a good thing he’s wearing those compression shorts.

What Happened: Tommy grimaces in pain.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: whimper…

What Happened: Tommy takes a medical timeout off court with the trainer.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Not good. I will cry if he has to retire from this match.

What Happened: Tommy returned and stretches out in an effort to continue the set.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Phew, doesn’t look like Tommy’s ready to shake Sam’s hand.

What Happened: Tommy limps over to his side of the court and then proceeds to continue playing great tennis.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: How is he doing this?

What Happened: Tommy looked like this between points.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Eyes Closed.

What Happened: Tommy calls the trainer again.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: He’s definitely going to retire this time. I better take more photos.

What Happened: Tommy Wins!

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Sigh. I hope there’s a press conference.

What Happened: Tommy says he’ll do his best to be 100% by morning. By morning, Tommy withdraws from the tournament and comes to the press room.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Why are there so few people here? Three, really, three? I better come up with some questions. Do you need a hug?

What Happened: No tennis until 3pm.

Andrea’s Silent Reaction: Where’s the Corona tent?

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