If You Buy This, I Will Punch You in the Face

Written By: achangeofends - Jan• 19•11

Now that Venus Williams is through to the 3rd round, albeit a little bit hobbly, I don’t feel at all bad about discussing the dress. For the entirety of the first set, my twitter feed erupted with various comments regarding Venus’ new outfit. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are a few pictures to help you out.

Yes, that is a lattice style midsection.

And yes, that’s the bottom.

I really don’t even know what to say about this. I wrote a post yesterday about outfits that I didn’t like and I was wrong. I would rather wear Caro’s ugly ballerina dress everyday of my life than have to wear this for even a minute. I was convinced that Nadia Petrova’s 2010 US Open dress was the biggest fashion mistake in tennis. Again, I was way off. This is it.

I want to make this abundantly clear. DO NOT BUY THIS DRESS. I don’t care if it’s marked down to $0.99 and it’s for a costume party. This dress should die with this match.

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