He Said, She Said

Written By: achangeofends - Jan• 04•11

Stan and wife, Ilham in happier times. Image via http://www.schweizer-illustrierte.ch.

So, Stan Wawrinka announced on Twitter today that he and his wife of approximately 1 year are separating, or more correctly, already separated. The official statement (can tweets be “official?”) said, “I would like to announce my separation with my wife Ilham Vuilloud. Our main concern now is to look after the best interests and education of our daughter Alexia.” Alright, sometimes things don’t work out. Thanks for the update. Are we really that surprised that Stan’s shotgun wedding to a woman a decade older than him didn’t work out?

But Mrs. W didn’t keep things so concise, telling the Swiss media, “He left us after he returned from the Davis Cup on September 20, he said, ‘Since I got my new coach [Peter Lundgren], I’ve changed—I have other needs, other desires. Tennis has once again become my priority. I’ve got another five years, I’ll give it everything.’” She also said, “There could have been a different solution, if he had spoken to me about it.” I’m not one for airing your dirty laundry in the public eye, but this doesn’t make Stan look so good.

If Ilham’s take on the situation is true, it sounds like kind of a cop out on Stan’s part. I don’t know if you’ve noticed Stan, but your friend Roger has a wife and twins, but still seems pretty dedicated to tennis. Anyway, Stan will be doing a twitter interview with the ATP tomorrow at 8am EST and you can bet the separation will come up.

Info via tennis.com ticker.

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