I’ve Got a Feeling: France’s Road to the Davis Cup Final

Written By: achangeofends - Dec• 05•10

Here is a series of three videos documenting France’s journey to the 2010 Davis Cup final. As it stands, the French lead the tie 2-1 after some pretty heroic play by Clement/Llodra to come back from two sets to love down against Troicki/Zimonjic. Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils will face off in the morning to see if the tie will go to a decisive fifth rubber. If the fifth is live, I’d play Tipsarevic and Llodra, but there are plenty who disagree. Anyway, this weekend’s final has nothing to do with the videos below. First, I would like to note that I do not speak French, at all. So, these clips may make perfect sense if you can understand what they’re saying, but I think they were only made more amusing by the fact that I couldn’t understand. Feel free to watch for yourself (although I warn you they’re long,) but I’ve also included a few of the questions that really puzzled me. If you want to cut down on watching time, I suggest watching Part 2.

I like the music during the player introductions. I feel like I’m about to watch some kooky ‘band of superheroes’ movie. Why are they eating a formal dinner in a locker room and why is Richard cutting Gael’s meat? Gilles and Richard have to carry Bennedra’s bags as the non-participating members, lol. At 9:16, please note this is the first appearance of I’ve Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas, but by no means the last.

We kick things off again with I’ve Got a Feeling. Also, if you’re going to watch anything from these three videos, watch the very beginning of Part 2. I want to party with the French Davis Cup team, and by that I mostly mean I want to hang with Michael Llodra because he is both crazy and awesome. Add in Gael’s rockin’ dance moves and Jo’s flare for karaoke and we’re good. I’m so tempted to make a Gasquet joke here, but I almost feel like it’s in bad taste. 4:35-a) this is hilarious and b) Guy Forget can’t do push ups correctly. Why do they sing so much? At 5:22, I would really like to know what possible situation occurred where Gilles had to go downstairs in jeans and no shirt. I’m not complaining, but I’m really curious. I really really wish I understood what went along with the hand motions at 6:25. Please note that I’ve Got a Feeling resumes at 8:15. Why isn’t Feli wearing a shirt? Again, not complaining, just an observation.

Does Forget ever shut up? I know he’s the captain, but I don’t think anyone else has spoken for the entire 30 minutes. Also, I made up an entire monologue for this part since I don’t understand it, but I somehow doubt my version is really how it went down. I’m guessing this conversation may have been Forget justifying his player choices for the semis. But I could be totally off the mark. I love the head bobbing at 6:20. It’s so perfectly in sync. I also love the fact that they are playing scrabble. By now you should notice that I’ve Got a Feeling reemerges at 9:05. Finally, I’ve got nothing to describe what’s going on at 9:42, but I thought I should point it out.

I promise a real post on Monday to recap all the Davis Cup action, or even tomorrow night if I get around to it. But for now, this late night rambling will have to do. If you happen to speak French and watch these videos, feel free to clue me in on anything I may have missed.

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