WTF Day 1

Written By: achangeofends - Nov• 21•10

Tomorrow marks the start of the 2010 World Tour Finals in at the O2. The only time I’ve missed living in London more than now was during Wimbledon. Somehow I chose the six months that did not include two of the best tennis tournaments in the world. Anyway, Group B is in action, which means Soderling, Murray, Ferrer, and Federer.

Andy Murray vs. Robin Soderling – Starts 12:15pm GMT

This one’s a tough call. Murray is well rested, but Soderling has the momentum coming in after winning his first Masters 1000 event in Paris. It’s pretty incredible to think that Soderling has now surpassed Murray in the rankings, but he’s only won one Masters event. Both guys have appeared in two Grand Slam finals. The guys are 2-2 in the head to head, but the only match after 2006, occurred at this year’s Indian Wells Masters event, which Robin Soderling won. Don’t hold me to it, but I’m taking Soderling in this one. Plus, if you’ve seen the pics from WTF photo day, Sod looks like he’s got some kind of evil plan stirring around in his head. I mean really, he looks kind of like the joker here.

Roger Federer vs. David Ferrer – Starts 6:15pm GMT

I already explained poor David’s situation. He did an awesome job making it to the WTF, but I think Federer is just too tall an order. Federer had his best appearance ever at Bercy, making the semifinals (sidenote, it’s very weird to think that there’s a tournament Federer hasn’t made the finals of, or won for that matter.) Also, apparently Federer’s the favorite to win the WTF title. I’m not quite sure when this happened, since the media seems to think he’s all washed up, but that’s why you’ve got to keep on top of the tennis news.

Also, can someone please be in charge of telling David Ferrer what everyone else is wearing? First he shows up to the Prime Minister’s house in a light grey suit and now all he’s got is a sport coat and some grey pants. Maybe Rafa could give him a heads up next time. Come on man, even Andy Roddick put on a suit.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be in London right now, apparently there are plenty of tickets left for this year’s World Tour Finals. This is an amazing opportunity and I urge you all to take advantage. These are the top eight players in the world. The level of tennis will be awesome. Seriously, please go, and if you do, take pictures for me.

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