JSM Challenger – Champaign Illinois

Written By: achangeofends - Nov• 18•10

Originally I had planned on driving out to Champaign after class today. It’s about 3 hours from St. Louis. However, I decided to stay in town for the night since I would’ve only had time to see one match today. So, I will be driving up bright and early tomorrow morning, which should be interesting considering I’m going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter tonight. That’s alright, I’ll find time for sleep eventually. In preparation for my trip, here’s a look at tomorrow’s order of play. Please keep up with me on twitter @achangeofends as I will be live tweeting from the site. Depending on my access to internet, I will also be posting here throughout the day, or at the very least nightly.

Friday, November 19th Order of Play

Starting at 12pm

Singles Semifinal 1: Alex BOGOMOLOV JR (USA) vs. Bobby REYNOLDS (USA)

Followed by

Doubles Semifinal 1: Raven KLAASEN (RSA)/Izak VAN DER MERWE (RSA) vs. Johnny HAMUI (USA)/Karunuday SINGH (IND)

Not before 6pm

Singles Semifinal 2: Amer DELIC (BIH) vs. Jesse WITTEN (USA)

After suitable rest

Doubles Semifinal 2: Ryler DEHEART (USA)/Pierre-Ludovic DUCLOS (CAN) vs. Amer DELIC (BIH)/Bobby REYNOLDS (USA)

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