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Written By: achangeofends - Oct• 18•10

I’m a sucker for a cute dog. Turns out tennis players love their dogs just as much as everyone else and lots of players even tweet photos of their pups. Andy Murray has taken things to a whole new level, creating a whole new twitter account just for his dog Maggie. It kills me to be away from my own dog for so much of the year so I can’t even imagine how the players feel since they’re rarely ever home.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the players and the dogs they own because a dog says a lot about the owner.

I’m usually not a big fan of the Williams sisters, but they like dogs, so they can’t be all that bad. This photo of Venus and her dog Harold is actually her twitter icon. I wonder if she brings Harold to tournaments. If I had to assign the Williams’ a dog breed, it would certainly be something larger than Harold, so I’m a little surprised that both sisters have purse pooches. Although, I guess that means you can’t take them on the road. No way you can travel with a Golden Retriever.

This next one is probably my second favorite on the list. Well, we know Sabine Lisicki likes to bring her dog Happy to tournaments. He even got his own guest badge at this year’s US Open. Was security expecting an impostor? I highly doubt Happy was walking around by himself. Someone had to carry that badge. He is awfully cute though.

Next up is Andy Roddick. I really see Roddick as the all American guy, so every time he talked about his dog, I always imagined something like a Labrador, although I guess this little girl works too. Brooklyn and Andy both seem to love little Billie Jean (adorable name) tons. Plus, she looks like a great TV companion and seems to enjoy a good nap and tummy rub, much like my own puppy.

I think we all know this next dog. Who could forget Dulce upstaging Maria in those camera commercials?

Alright, this one is 100% my favorite. I nearly melted right into the floor when I saw this photo. Here’s John Isner, shirtless, playing with his dog Magill. Does it really get better than that? I think not. John looks adorable. Magill looks super adorable. Everything about this picture is just right.

Do you recognize this cutie? This giant named Davis belongs to Fernando Verdasco. I’m a little surprised we don’t have a photo of a shirtless Fernando with Davis. Fer rarely bothers to wear a shirt anyway. Why no cute puppy photo?

I don’t think there’s any player on tour who’s quite so attached to their dog as Andy Murray. If I had to come up with a list of players who would be all gushy about their dogs, Andy would not have been on it. I didn’t think Andy gushed about anything. However, he actually got little Maggie her very own twitter (which I assume is run by Kim) and often tweets about missing her. Today Andy told us that Maggie came to pick him up at the airport and provided us with this photo.

This last photo came from Devin Britton’s twitter. He and his dog Caroline were taking a nice walk in the park.

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  1. Vie says:

    Fernando Gonzales lovesss dog too! He even saved a dog in a highway n got bitten by the dog because the dog was afraid of him/stranger.

  2. Ioana says:

    So adorable!!! The dogs AND the players!

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