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Written By: achangeofends - Oct• 20•10

So, Roger Federer played his first tournament since the US Open in Shanghai, and didn’t look a bit rusty. He made the final. Oh yeah, and they gave him a pretty spectacular entrance. Check out this photo, fog and all. The only way this could’ve been better is if they lowered him onto Center Court amidst fireworks and some cheesy rock anthem like The Boys are Back in Town. Think about that one for next year, Shanghai. You know I’m right.

Roger played Robin in the quarterfinals. I believe this has become a pretty familiar face from Soderling. I like to call it the ‘Seriously, Federer again? WTF, am I never going to catch a break?’ look. The match ended in a 6-1, 6-1 beatdown. I’m telling you, Sod’s luck is almost as bad as Roddick’s when it comes to drawing Fed, and his head-to-head is just about as bad.

So, Andy played Roger in the final. I would like you to remember this awesome look a little later. Action shots are always pretty bad, but Andy Murray is just not photogenic. Also, my mom is convinced that he physically cannot close his mouth. Honestly, the photographic evidence kind of backs up that claim.

I mean really, he looks like a crazy homeless man. If I saw him on the street, I would cross it.

Fed stopped mid-match to show us some pilates before hitting the ball back. Nice form, Roger.

So you know how I said to remember that photo of Andy later? Yeah, let’s compare to basically the same photo of Roger. Unlike Andy, Roger is extremely photogenic, just one more thing he is awesome at.

As much as the camera loves him, the fates weren’t in Roger’s favor on Sunday. Andy won in straights. Although, if he weren’t holding the trophy, you probably couldn’t tell. Gloomy much? It’s cool Andy. We love you even if you are a sourpuss.

Oh wait, it’s happy Andy, kind of. Can we go back to gloomy Andy?

Jurgen and Leander took home the doubles trophy, plus what looks like some kind of creepy smurf or toothpaste blob or something. What is up with the Asian tournaments and the weird stuffed animals? They are so creepy.

On the WTA tour, we were lucky enough to get this. First, Ana Ivanovic won her first tournament in two years. Awesome. Hopefully she can keep the momentum rolling through to next season. Even better, the trophy presentation included several of the Von Trapp children. How often do we see that?

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