Seriously Janko, Momochromatic Maroon?

Written By: achangeofends - Sep• 04•10

I love Andy Roddick and I don’t care if you think he’s a tool. I don’t generallys ay I have a favorite tennis player. There are some players I don’t care for, for one reason or another and some I like mroe than lothers. I love great tennis and great personalities so an incredible match or a chance meeting can sway my opinion from one day to the next. For what it’s worth, I own a Roger Federer hat, an Andy Roddick poster, and one fo Andy Murray’s shirts (authenticated by Judy), but I wouldn’t necessarily call them my ‘favorities.’ I love Roger Federer for making tennis look effortless, for doing things that seemed impossible, and for being an incredible gentleman about it all. I love Andy Roddick for nearly opposite reasons. He has a crazy fast serve, biting wit, a volatile personality, and fights harder than nearly anyone else on tour. So, if I was forced to pick, I guess I would call these two my ‘favorites.’

On Wednesday night I sat down to watch Andy Roddick play his second round match against Janko Tipsarevic. I wasn’t thrilled when I saw the match up on the draw. Janko’s a dangerous player. I’ve been a fan since his awesome five setter against Roger Federer at the Australian Open a couple of year’s ago. But, on Wednesday I was no fan of Janko. It was all about Andy. Things started out alright, but quickly the tables turned and Janko had taken control of the match. There were a couple of things perturbing me about Tipsy. First, his weird monochromatic maroon kit (also worn by Marin Cilic). This outfit is terrible! Second, he’s proven to be incredibly whiny on Twitter. Seriously, if you don’t already follow him, add him and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The majority of his complaints center around the US Open’s treamtement of unseeded players. Get over it Janko, they treat Roger Federer better than you because he makes them for money, lots more. Finally, he was beating my beloved Andy Roddick.

I’m lucky I live alone because I was cheering harder than any self respecting person should in front of their television. there have been several articles addressing the ‘second’ foot fault controversy already. I won’t repeat much of what others have said. If you want more information, google it. So, in short, Andy was called for a foot fault, which he did commit. However, the linesjudge mispoke while explaining the call and said the fault ocurred on the right foot instead of the left. Roddick maligned the judge for her mistake and continued the argument with the chair umpire for several games. Was he right? Probably not. Did his game improve? You betcha. Andy seems to thrive on this kind of stuff. He gets mad, he hits harder and serves more aces. Some have gone so far as to compare this to Serena’s infamous tirade in last year’s semifinal. That is wrong Andy wasn’t physically threatening anyone and mockery isn’t a crime. I had no sympathy for what Serena did, but I can understand where Roddick was coming from.

In the end, Andy couldn’t pull it off, which is frankly no surprise considering his recent bout of mono. However, like Andy, I must give all the credit to Tipsarevic on this one. He played an excellent match at night, on Arthur Ashe, against one fo the fan favorites at the USO. And frankly he couldn’t have come up with a better way to get back at the US Open than beating their American star in the second round.

Now Janko, will you please stop complaining on twitter. Things are going pretty well. Also, for the love of God, put on a different color shirt.

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