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Written By: achangeofends - Aug• 09•10

I know a lot of people still don’t like to use twitter. I was very reluctant to join, but it’s become an excellent source of information about tennis players. I’ve got some followers now, but not nearly as many as read A Change of Ends. I think some of my observations from this weekend are amusing, so the following post is simply an exact recap of what I posted on twitter this weekend, so please don’t pay attention to some of the misspellings, etc. Twitter isn’t exactly conducive to proper grammar.

Is anyone watching Rafa do the draw? He is so fidgety! via web
Very limited internet. Here are some fun facts from today. via web

Rafa and Nole did practice together this morning. It was a mob scene. Sadly, I deided to stay away from the madness. via web

Fed practiced on a court that is very difficult for spectators to see. It was still mobbed. He snuck out the back entrance at the end. via web

FYI, Federer practiced with Robin Soderling. via web

Spent a full hour watching sam Querrey practiced. He seems like a really nice guy. Fun fact: he hit the gym this morning with his trainer at around 10:30. via web

I’m in love with Tommy Robredo. He’s adorable. via web

Just saw Gulbis and Davydenko chatting in the lobby before going their separate ways. via web

I consistently end up in the evelator alone with Julien Benneteau and never actually say anything to him. I wonder if he’ll start to notice. via web

just saw Stan and Peter Lundgren jovially walking through the lobby. Those guys look happy! via web

Stan and I are now work out buddies. He just doesn’t know it. Looks like he and Peter are getting along great. Lots of laughing. via web

Michael Llodra cleans up nice. Just saw him on his way to dinner. via web

Feliciano Lopez is here, just saw him checking into the hotel. Had an urge to follow the bellhop up to his room, but resisted. via web

Monfils is out with his crew. Looks like he could take some fashion advice from Llodra. via web

Tomorrow’s Legg Mason final will feature Baghdatis and Nalbandian. My money’s on Nalbanian. He’s been on fire this week. via web

Robin Soderling just looked at me funny. Weird, cause I wasn’t even staring at him or anything. via web

Soderling is in the lobby with finace, Jenni, and Robert Lindstedt, the Swedish doubles player. via web

Victor Hanescu looks kind of surly, but quite tall in person. via web

Davydenko just walked by with a woman I assume is his wife. She was wearing a very sparkly shirt with Bugs Bunny on it. via web

Richard Gasquet and coach just came back. I shared an elevator with them earlier today. via web

Alright, I’ve got to go get some dinner myself, but I’ll try get some juicy updates later. via web

@MTFadout I’ll do my best to find Ernie tomrorow. So far, I’ve only seen him off site, I’ll try to hit up a practice tomorrow. via web in reply to MTFadout

some incredibly androdgenous tennis player i don’t recognize with the skinniest gf i’ve ever seen just walked in. No idea who it could be. via web

Breakfast time in toronto! via web

Saw Ernie sitting alone in the lobby waiting for transport. Didn’t stop to bother him though.. It looked like he had a rough night. via web

Mr androgenous was at breakfast this morning with twiggy, but I still have no idea who he is. via web

Almost didn’t notice Gilles. He seems to be breakfasting with mom and dad. How cute! Coach and son are also here. Man, that kid is lucky! via web

Gael and Gilles had a nice catch up when they saw each other. via web

Feli was eating alone for a while, but was eventually joined by some guy. Where was Ferenando? I thought they were inseperable. via web

Fun Fact: Feli wears a Yankee’s baseball cap with his initials embroidered in the side. via web

Mrs Davydenko was wearing the same flashy Bugs Bunny shirt to breakfast, but no sighting of hubby. via web

I think I used to underestimate the attractiveness of Gilles Simon. He is adorable. I love that he’s here with his parents. via web

Almost forgot, saw Robin Soderling in the gym this morning cycling. via web

I think something about me creeps Sod out. I was just walking by the door and all of the sudden he turned around and looked at me. via web

It’s a little rainy today, so hopefully we can get in some tennis. I’ve got to check out fo the hotel at 12 and my flight’s not til 9. via web

Also, it is Mr. Federer’s 29th birthday. So birthday wishes for Roger this morning. via web

just got a photo with Gilles, taken by the lovely gf of Julien Benneteau. via web

someone’s coach just said hello to me in French. I wonder who it is. via web

Mystery solved. It was one of Monfils’ team. via web

still trying to figure out who mr. androgenous is. via web

Also, Julien Benneteau’s gf was sitting next to me waiting for her car and he is super pretty. via web

You know you go to too many of these things when you start to recognize the coaches. via web

Unfortunately the rain cut my day at the tennis short, as in I didn’t see any before I had to leave the site. Oh well, sitting in the lobby. via web

Nikolay is right in front of me with his ipad via web

what’s up with WAGS and Bugs Bunny? Andrey Golubev’s gf was only wearing a Bugs Bunny t-shirt, allbeit less flashy. via web

*** This should have read “Andrey Golubev’s gf was ALSO wearing a Bugs Bunny t-shirt.” Let me be clear, she was also wearing pants.

@RagingBitch You solved my mystery. It was indeed Dolgopolov. via web in reply to RagingBitch

Querrey’s coach is all over the place. Looks like he’s on his way to the gym. via web

hoping for some fun sightings before I have to leave for the airport. via web

Forgot to mention earlier. A player was actually squeegeeing his own court. Just as it was looking pretty good, it rained again. via web

If they let me watch up close, I would’ve helped squeegee. via web

Gonzo is in the house. Very blue tape of his calf. via web

now it’s super sunny. I hate you toronto. Why couldn’t you have been sunny this morning? via web

the WAGS are almost as easy to spot as the players. They’re all tall, thin, and gorgeous. Well, not all, but most. via web

The lobby in the hotel is very dark. It both hurts my eyes and makes me feel creepier than usual. via web

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