A Change of Ends Embraces Twitter

Written By: achangeofends - Aug• 04•10

Alright, I’ve been holding off for quite a while, content to share my thoughts through A Change of Ends or more privately on my facebook. However, in DC this weekend, I realized that my incesant status changes were most likely clogging up my friends’ news feeds with information they couldn’t care less about. While I may have been incredibly excited to meet Tomas Berdych in the lobby of my hotel, most of my friends merely asked me who that was.

Aside from my lack of like-minded friends, the second major driving force in my move to twitter was the amount of information running through the website now. Last year, I opened a private twitter account solely to follow Wimbledon scores while I was at work. I believe I ‘tweeted’ once before giving up on the site and periodically checking for tennis news. Anyway, a lot of players have become very attached to their twitter accounts, thus making it an excellent source of fun facts when I can’t gather my own.

What do these two rambling paragraphs tell you? I’ve opened A Change of Ends twitter account and you should all follow me. Simply search for @achangeofends or click the Follow Me button on the right hand side of the page.

I’ll update with random thoughts from time to time, but I promise to inundate the account when I’m at the tournaments live.

In case you were wondering, players like Andy Roddick, Fernando Verdasco, the Williams sisters, John Isner and more all use twitter regularly, so even if you don’t want to follow A Change of Ends, you should check out their accounts.

I also welcome comments, questions, and requests. Do you want more info on a certain player? More pictures? Disagree with my opinions? Drop me a line at achangeofends@gmail.com

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